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To get the best results it is important that you acquire the right set of tools and bring them to class.
Hereby a list with materials that I personally prefer. You are free to choose for yourself, but remember that the quality of the tools has quite an effect on the quality of the results. The links in this mail are just to show you which materials I am talking about. I am sure if you shop around you can find them cheaper somewhere else. Don’t forget to ask for a student discount!

List of materials:

a couple of blue pencils – Derwent Studio > spectrum blue #32 or _prusian blue #35
(it is important that you get the STUDIO version! the artist version (round) is too soft)
a good quality pencil sharpener
a couple of felt-tip pens (fineliner) – Stylist / Pilot / Stabilo
one heavy felt tip pen – Papermate Flair MPentel Sign Pen / Edding 1200
markers – Copic / Pantone / Prismacolor / Alpha
a set of (at least) 3 grey markers  > C2-C4-C6 or C3-C5-C7
a range of light colored markers  > e.g. 2 shades blue or 2 shades purple (at least one really light color!)
one strong colored marker > orange or red

one A3 marker pad – Letraset / 4Art / Schoellershammer / Copic
(plain A3 bond paper (copier paper) is fine too, but it will cost you more marker ink, because it absorbs more than marker paper)
an A3 transporter (folder)
a sketch roll, 33cm x 50m (you can share one roll with more students if you like. Hahnemühle, available at the copyshop in the Metaforum)
one roll of paper tape

a soft white and a soft black pencil – Derwent Artist / Caran d’Ache
a set of colored pencils – Derwent Studio (not Artist!)
one correction pen > Pentel

If you already own a set of markers than check if they are all properly filled!


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