Your blogs

I have now received 20 links to your blogs. You can find them under the ‘students‘ page at the top of my blog. I have commented on most of your entries and intend to keep doing this to monitor and improve your progress during the course.

However, providing feedback to 40 students is a lot of work so the comments will be brief. Each class starts with a group reflection where we take time to share our results and learn form one another. I expect each of you to make notes of the feedback during class as well and include that into the personal reflections on your blog. See how general comments and feedback to others apply to your own work and explain how you plan to improve your results.

Also have a look at each others blogs to see how others post their results.

I hereby encourage all of you who have not created a blog for this assignment yet to do so a.s.a.p.! Your blog will be an important indicator for me when writing the final review.

If you run into problems creating a blog, please turn to one of the students who have already succeeded in doing so.

In general, please use sufficient light when taking pictures of your sketches. When the images are too dark it becomes difficult to review them.


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