Baseline Measurement

Class 1/6 – April 25th 2012-

The class started with a baseline measurement of your sketching skills: sketch a scene at the health-/nightclub showing at least 3 people in action and some form of interaction between them.


Most of you found this very hard and admitted the results were quite poor. I’d say there’s room for some improvement!

Sketch Battle

This exercise demonstrates the importance of knowing which sketch mode to use for the development of ideas within a creative process. An example of a sketch battle can be found here.

sketchbattle_01You battled twice in pairs using the sketch techniques of the exploration mode: simple, small and effective using only one medium (felt-tip pen).

The results were copied so each one of you could finish the page in the communication mode: storytelling by introducing contrast and color to the most interesting actions (ideas) and adding text, arrows and frames.


Instead of adding color to the individual objects it is more effective to start with a background. Make sure to use the same color in every sketch and apply the marker in a loose way leaving enough white space for the sketches to ‘breathe’. Add more contrast by making the outline of the objects heavier. Careful not to overdo the width of the outline in respect to the size of the sketch. The outline is (solely) the line that separates the foreground from the background.

Frames can be used to group individual actions and make them part of the same story.

Include a title to inform your audience about what they are looking at.

To do for next week

Battle twice more over a subject of your own choice. Finalize the 2 pages with the techniques covered in this class.

Collect and print several images of people as reference material for next class. Preferably the people should be performing an action and should be visible from head to toe.


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